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Going Bearserk is now out!

Publishing–what a rush! After I got my first sale (and not the one to my mom, who had her finger hovering over the 1-click button) I literally jumped for joy! Thanks to all you readers out there who support us authors. Cheesy. But true.

The book is linked HERE. It’s only 99 cents, and enrolled in KU. Let me know if you enjoyed it, and I’ll hook you up with freebies/ARCs of what is coming next!

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Of Stock Photos and Men

I’m currently working on getting images for covers. Now, this sounds great! Just lookin’ at hot men and romantic couples for an hour or two, right?

Not quite. The cover is the game. You only have one image to sell the book for you. It’s gotta be right on target. I’m looking for images that scream “GENRE,” that give a clear idea of what the book is about, that invite clicks, that fit into my brand, that haven’t been used on every other cover out there, and don’t cost a million dollars. Sheesh!

The other obstacle is Amazon’s requirements for a cover–in general, they tend to not approve images of men with their thumbs in their waistbands, or so I’ve heard. Problem is, whenever you get a man in front of a camera and tell him to look sexy, the thumbs go straight into the waistband! Get it together, guys!

For any new authors out there looking for advice on covers, some of the best I’ve found comes from Cover Design Studio, especially here and here.

Also, if you are looking for stock photos, search around for free trials first. BigStock has a free trial for the first 14 days of an account. You can end up with lots of man torsos in two weeks!